Stick on Name Label Combination Pack 2

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If you are looking for a small school name label pack to get you started, this is the one you need.
A little bit of everything and you can simply top up on the things you find you use most.

This School Name Labels Starter Pack includes 92 Name Labels:

– 30 x Small Name Labels (30x15mm)
– 20 x Large Name Labels (47x15mm)
– 12 x (6 Pairs) Shoe Labels with Clear Films
– 30 Stick on Clothing Labels (30*15mm)

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★☆— Stick on Name Label Combination Pack – 15% OFF —☆★


Basic name label pack for school & nursery!
Getting the kids ready for the new school term to label all their school clothes and stationaries.
This stick on name labels pack includes all you’ll need to make things easier for you.


Stick on Name Label Combination Pack


★☆— Stick on name labels —☆★


Our sticky name labels will stay stuck… Simply peel off and apply to any clean, dry surfaces.
These name stickers are perfect for bottles, beakers, lunchboxes and all utensils.
They will keep track of pencil cases, rulers, books and toys.

Please note:

Our name labels are waterproof, dishwasher resistant (up to 50°C) and microwave safe.
Please leave the utensils at least 24 hours before washing.


stick on name labels for school


★☆— Stick on labels for clothing —☆★


Our stick on clothing labels will stay well on clothing care label.

Our stick on clothing labels are Ideal for: Cardigan, Dress, Trousers, Coat, Swimming costume, tights, shirts etc
Dimensions: 30*15mm and 22*9mm


DO NOT apply the labels directly on the garment’s fabric. They wouldn’t resist the wash.
Also, do not try to remove the labels when the garment is wet.
Lastly, please allow at least 24 HOURS before use.


stick on clothing labels for school


Font Option —☆★




★☆— Icon Design Option for Shoe Labels —☆★


sticker holic shoe dot name label designs


★☆— Stick on Name Labels Design Option —☆★


sticker holic name label design option



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